EDMO im Fünfseenland

English Summary: Overview

The "Flugsportgruppe im DLR Oberpfaffenhofen e.V." (FSG) is a registered nonprofit association devoted to flying. We are located at the special-purpose airfield in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

Founded by employees working in the aviation research and industry, our purpose is to bring together individuals, new students as well as seasoned pilots, who wish to experience the joy of flying while continuing to learn and advance their flying skills and proficiency. Further, our intent is to provide readily available, affordable, safe and efficient aircraft for our members' use.

Currently (08/2009) our club operates eight gliders and 11 powered aircraft (including two motor gliders). In addition sky diving is performed by FSG members. Including all three sections, the club has about 400 members.


At the Oberpfaffenhofen airfield gliding is allowed during the weekends or public holidays. To overcome this shortcoming, once a year FSG's glider section participates in glider camp on a dedicated airfield.

Although aero-towing by powered airplanes is possible (the FSG owns two appropriate aircraft, a Do27 and a Robin DR400-180), in Oberpfaffenhofen gliders are generally launched using the winch.

Powered aircraft

The FSG owns a fleet of nine single engine piston aircraft and two powered gliders covering the range from vintage to present-day airplanes. As far as possible, all aircraft are maintained by our trained and qualified members. This work is done voluntarily.

Sky diving

In Oberpfaffenhofen sky diving is allowed on weekends and public holidays. Therefore our parachute section frequently goes to neighboring airfields like Altenstadt, Leutkirch, Mühldorf or Maxhof barracks northwest of Starnberg. At these locations airspace for sky diving can be activated by the German air traffic control.


Club members can participate in training courses to acquire JAR-FCL private pilot licenses (PPL-A, PPL-C as well as sky diving licenses). Theoretical aspects are being taught during wintertime; practical flight lessons are offered at any season. All our excellent teachers and flight instructors do their job on a voluntary basis. That means that even during the flight training, aircraft fees are charged as wet in-flight hours. "Wet" means that fuel and oil are included.
Please note that pilot training requires a basic knowledge of German.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via email to arrange meeting up in person.

Claas Köhler, Christoph Fürst, Stefan Erl